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Personality depends on the behavior, attitude, opinions, and way of interacting with other people around. The interest of a person is different from each other and the interest distinguishes the behavioral characteristics of a person how they interact with the environment and the social group around the society. Read more Be Satisfied Whether You are Introvert or Extrovert.

Be Satisfied Whether You are Introvert or Extrovert Photo:

Also, the family environment and social environment determine the personality of a person sometimes. Individual thinking strategy, feeling, and understanding level determine the personality towards sociability or irritability. So overall we can define the personality of a person as per the perception of how they feel and think about it.

Introverted Personal

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Introvert Personality people are really shy or they enjoy their own company. Introverts love being alone, stay quiet, reserved, and are more thoughtful individually. Introverts are born likely that way they prefer calm and minimally stimulating environments and avoid socializing. They feel drained in a group and regain energy spending time alone.

Extroverted Personal

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Extrovert personalities are really frank, talkative, and outgoing. They love to spend time with friends, family, or in a big friend circle. Extroverts enjoy partying and togetherness. They love to express the feeling in their mind and share the problem with the solution. Extroverts gain energy spending time with their loved ones and are vibrant in nature. They are always the center of attraction and want to be too. Extroverts are always ready for social activities.

Also, some people have qualities of ambivert who have qualities of both introvert and extrovert depending on the mood, situation, and context. An Ambivert is supposed to be the best personality because they act as the situation needs. They treat social and friendly people with a big group and can manage time to be their own and also turn into social when needed. According to the situation, they can turn into extroverts around the right people and turn into introverts around cranky and toxic people. Ambivert acts out loud or internally when needed.

Be Satisfied Whether You are Introvert or Extrovert

You are an introvert if you have personality matched

  • If you want to spend time alone or enjoy your own company alone.
  • If you prefer spending time with one or two people instead of a big group.
  • If you enjoy spending time thinking about and lost within yourself easily to find the solution of any situation or plan something.
  • If you need alone time for rest and feel refreshed.

You are an extrovert if you have personality matched:

  • If you like to spend time around people and hate to stay alone.
  • If you love to meet people, parties, and gatherings.
  • If you like to spend time and you love to be the center of attention.
  • If you are talkative and you are outgoing.

People have different perceptions about introvert and extrovert. People around us are mostly extroverts. Sharing everything and every situation of life is extroversion. The person who shares every matter is attracted to everyone and is the center of attraction always. They are outgoing and enthusiastic and enjoy engaging with the external world. They are action-oriented. They share the reason for happiness and sadness. They can have suggestions for every problem and situation. And are liked by everyone for this reason.

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But introverts are exactly different or opposite in nature. They are unable to express their feelings and problems to others. They want to solve their problem by themselves. So, no one can understand what is going with them. People get wrong, they feel introverts are full of attitude but that is not the reality. Only the point is they can’t express what is inside them.  They can’t even show love and care for others. Introverted people think things before they speak. So people feel like they are selfish and don’t care for anyone. Continue reading Be Satisfied Whether You are Introvert or Extrovert.

Whether you are an introvert you need to start sharing your feelings with your loved one. They can understand and realize your feelings. Start spending time with friends and family, don’t ignore them for all time then you will slowly enjoy their company. Start celebrating your happiness and overcome your sorrow by sharing with them. Keeping your feelings with yourself is always not good. You need to make a change for betterment. Start to be familiar with everyone slowly and maintain balance by separating time to spend with yourself.

But it doesn’t mean being extroverted is the best personality. Even how extroverted you are you must find out the situation and things that are needed to be shared or need to keep things personal. Sharing everything may not be good for every situation so you need to be careful about that also.

Be Satisfied Whether You are Introvert or Extrovert Photo:

The personality of a person is developed the way they are born. The environment they are grown up in also determines the personality habit. Being an introvert or an extrovert is not a problem for anyone it is only the expression of your feelings. It is the only reaction of the situation around you. How you take happiness or sadness. What you enjoy either a big company or you enjoy spending time with yourself.

Whatever personality person you are, the main thing you need to get is you need to stay happy in your life. Don’t underestimate yourself, if you are happy then only you can make others happy. Be honest with yourself and your loved ones.

The tendency to enhance our happiness

  • You need to realize the seriousness of the situation and decide to share or keep it personal
  • Share your happiness to enjoy real happiness.
  • Spend time with your family and loved ones when they need you.
  • Celebrate the occasion and take part in every ritual for interaction.
  • Take part in outings for refreshment and gathering.
  • Help everyone who needs your help.
  • Always make sure to build an understanding with each other.
  • If you are an introvert then you can spend time with yourself for some time to get refreshed but don’t avoid your loved ones for a happy and satisfying relationship.
  • Make a moment to allow being shared and also separate a time span for yourself to manage.
  • Make a difference when you need to socialize and energy or crowd or you need quiet and solitude for the right fit.
  • Understand the seriousness of the situation and act kindly.

There are no exact judging points for the best personality, some prefer to be introverted and some prefer to be extrovert. You are best at your own choice. But you can try to behave like ambiverts depending upon the situation needed.

Feel proud of yourself whether you are an introvert or extrovert. The main thing that matters is your happiness at all. You need to see your whole self, don’t scale yourself as a point of other people. Embrace your strength and stay unique. Always keep a balance between you and your relations. Behave whatever the situation.

Be Satisfied Whether You are Introvert or Extrovert

Whatever you love, live like that. Stop thinking about the people and judging yourself according to the perception of people. Just stay happy and stay satisfied whether you are an introvert or extrovert. Whatever you are, be in your own choice and never feel low for yourself. Always search for the moment and enjoy the moment that inspires and motivates yourself. That will enhance the meaning of living and you will enjoy and be satisfied with what you are. Learn to prioritize the necessity of the situation and develop personality accordingly. Always be positive thinking in mind, follow a positive lifestyle then you will get success in your life course.